The Belief That, Graphic Design is merely about words and images, I believe, remains one of the

Greatest Misconceptions

of all time

Brain Animation: Wikimedia Commons


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Sometimes I get a thought in my head or come across a concept, a statement, and it resonates with me so clearly that I feel it is a part of me. I know it is real for I have sensed it and on many occasions have felt it coursing through my veins, embracing my spirit. It is intimately clear yet totally unfathomable. The Universal Creative mind is everywhere, in everything and in everyone. On this digital property I play and as I do, I record my conversations, my thoughts and inspired messages from the source of all creativity; The Universal Creative Mind.

Falling Outside The Box

A designer out of his lane. . What would make this designer stray so far out the box to write a book? I am certain there are many things out there that I could be pushed into doing, but, I am pretty positive writing a book is not

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