The Belief That, Graphic Design is merely about words and images, I believe, remains one of the

Greatest Misconceptions

of all time

Brain Animation: Wikimedia Commons


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Sometimes I get a thought in my head or come across a concept, a statement, and it resonates with me so clearly that I feel it is a part of me. I know it is real for I have sensed it and on many occasions have felt it coursing through my veins, embracing my spirit. It is intimately clear yet totally unfathomable. The Universal Creative mind is everywhere, in everything and in everyone. On this digital property I play and as I do, I record my conversations, my thoughts and inspired messages from the source of all creativity; The Universal Creative Mind.

Just Do It
Taking a creative leap

‘JUST DO IT’ – The first time I came across this statement I was deep in conversation with a “friend”………….. and; that is about all I am prepared to share on that ‘conversation’ 😉 Too many times we stop before we start because we over process scenarios; either,

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Riding The Consumer: the power to control

Why the book title makes so much sense. Are consumers really ridden? Not literally of course, but, if true, in what sense is it so? The advent of the industrial revolution brought about an incredible amount of product variation and competition. This in turn lead to a much

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No One Buys Product: the ultimate illusion

It Goes Against All Logic Doesn’t It? But then again, we are not creatures of logic, are we? Industrial standardisation has weakened the argument for product quality and uniqueness quite significantly. It has steered consumers towards motivations other than simple quality and function. We “eat” with our

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The CEO, The Bottom Line & Creative Services

The Value Of Art In Commerce. A Key Investment Or A Luxury Expense?  The disadvantage of being a formerly colonised country, if you can call it that, given developmental trajectories and our affinity for western ‘sweets’, is that we remained tethered in many ways; psychologically and otherwise. Though

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The Creative Brief: whose head must roll?

Are you starting on the wrong foot? The brief is not called an ‘instruction’, for good reason, and understanding the difference is the beginning of your journey to creative excellence. Briefing correctly is a real skill and getting it wrong will wreck a project before it has

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Man Vs Machine: value of the creative mind

Where does it fit in serious economics and national development? Sometimes the daring messenger takes advantage of his trusting master’s letters and runs away with the girl. But, it is a doomed romance without the master’s hand.  The commercial and academic worlds have for a long time

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Creativity In Marketing: versus pure originality

Creativity and Originality in Design, Advertising and General Marketing Collateral.  Marketing: I hesitate to even type the word. If ever there was a sinfully misused business term, it is this one. I will try by all means not to add to the problem. “One thing” I am

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Creative Spirit Mediums: channelling the power

Mediums Of The Universal Creative Mind – and yes, it is mediums not media Creativity is not something that anyone does; but, something that happens through a creator, sort of like a spirit channeled through a medium. The term Creative Media encompasses all platforms through or along which

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