I love Black; I am inspired by it's efficient absorption of energy, quiet stillness and patience. It's a depository of potential, mystery and surprise...

Hi, I am KMak. The name is a more efficient version of Kudakwashe B… Makurumure. My full names consist of a total 28 letters; the English Alphabet has 26.  With age and a little impatience perhaps, I have come to feel that a name which demands 10 or more seconds between delivery and comprehension is inefficient and a distraction in a fast paced business world.

I am a Zimbabwean Creative Entrepreneur and have been in the creative industry for nearly 3 decades; starting my career in 1992 as a graphic design student and  getting my very first job in 1993 as a 2D Television graphics animator at VP (Video Promotions), while still in school. The Vaseline opening and closing billboards for a local, sponsored TV music Show (Mvengemvenge / Mutinhimira Wemimhanzi), remain very fresh in my mind. I created these on an Amiga computer with less than a 

Megabyte of ram, 256KB Ram to be exact. That was the tech of the day. With this exciting job I was able to pay my own way through design school and buy myself supplementary Design Books. Having a job whilst still in school meant that I had to take evening classes, so, each day I would walk a three point triangular route; (1) to work in the morning, (2) to school in the evening then (3) back home between 8 and 9pm; A total of about +/- 20KM each day, 3 days a week . It’s been an incredible experience and I have amassed vast amounts of it. Over the decades I have worked in various capacities; ranging from hands on elbow grease work to management positions. I have worked in Illustration; Print and Digital Graphic Design; Print Production Management; Advertising; Digital Content Creation; Web Design; Television / video Documentary and Commercial Filming; Video Editing and Production; Production Management; Concept Development; Art Direction; Creative Direction; Creative and Business Strategy, as well as being a Business Owner and  Entrepreneur, a Husband and a Father. 

‘Recently’ I put my experience to use and penned a book;  the title is “RIDING THE CONSUMER”. It’s a book which aims to bridge the gap – between commercial creatives and corporate executives. The book promotes general understanding of the significance of commercial art and design and the value of trained creatives in elevating what would otherwise be little more than just pretty images to a more powerful strategic business tool. 

I am the owner and Founding partner in two creative businesses one of which is a Creative Agency business and the other a Creative Think Tank and Round Table which is focused on experimenting with creativity, innovative concepts and general inventiveness beyond commercial communication and branding. We develop and produce solutions and tools for social and other developmental needs, including educational materials.’

I believe I am a medium of the Universal Creative Mind.
I believe Creativity is not something I do; but, something that happens through me – it’s more like being a spirit medium.

So, you are an Executive & work with Creatives; but…

…do you understand the science behind the work? 
With this book you will be able to make use of creative work from a more scientific, strategic angle.

Complete Edition Now Available – full of nuggets, informed by 30years of  “immersive experience”

I honestly don’t know how to give up

if I did, I would have done so many years ago. Thankfully that thought hasn’t visited me yet. I find it easier to dream up possibilities than to give up. Being largely self taught in many areas of the creative business, it’s been a very slow, albeit rich, personal and business growth path with many pitfalls and stumbling blocks in a very hostile economic environment. The initially desired organic growth strategy for the business didn’t quite work and will not work in this fast paced New World; especially at the level I am now positioning the businesses. So, now opening up to interested partners and investors we expect to be pushing forward with increased competitive capacity. I have tried it the hard way, alone, without any support and survived for many years; now we are pushing for the easier way, as a well resourced TEAM.  So it is very reasonable to expect exponential growth going forward.

It's OK To Play

I have always been very playful

The one thing that has remained consistent about me from back in the day when I was always getting into trouble as a little child, to now, is my playfulness. That was the one consistent thing in my school reports – “Very Playful”, my teachers would say. They didn’t mean it or even understand it as a good thing then, and that comment always got me into a spot of bother.

Ironically, for the better part of my half century on this planet, that’s how I have been making my living – for the last 3 decades – being playful and having fun; in a serious way. Even now as an adult, I often play with bottle caps among other random things…

Creativity requires a certain degree of playfulness; it’s the ultimate in exploration and kids do it very well. In my work, I always find my inner child most helpful…

My Son, KMak Jnr, was playing with bottle caps and I promptly jumped in. He created the car, held together by magnets repurposed from cologne bottle lids. For kids this kind of thing is just play, for me; yes it's loads of fun; but it's also how I work. It's fun being a creative.

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