Just Do It
Taking a creative leap

‘JUST DO IT’ – The first time I came across this statement I was deep in conversation with a “friend”………….. and; that is about all I am prepared to share on that ‘conversation’ 😉

Too many times we stop before we start because we over process scenarios; either, imagined threats, disqualification or failure, when what we should be focusing on instead, is, Just Doing It. This Blog is a liberation zone, a safe space, my padded room, where I am free to take a creative leap and, just do it – NIKE really hit the nail squarely on the head here. Sharing my thoughts, beliefs and ideas, is not something I have been good or disciplined at in the past. Excuses seemed to find me with the greatest of ease. Many years ago I tried running a couple of blogs via Blogspot. The first one was unceremoniously deleted with no explanation at all, even after sending enquiries to the BlogSpot team, I remain to this day, an unnoticed voice in the dark; perhaps they just never received the communication. It was a number of years before I made a second attempt at blogging. The second blog is lying out there in the cyber desert or is a ruin floating in the metaverse somewhere; a ghastly remnant of the undead. It is said that in the metaverse, nothing ever dies. 

So; this here is my third attempt, this time on my own domain; a project I have decided to handle personally from conceptualisation to web design and content development, as well as illustration and graphic design. This is the best way for an old dog to learn new tricks.

I have continued to learn each day over the last 3 decades into the future. Being a graphic designer from the x-acto knife, French curves and glue era and also being self taught in, the use of digital graphic design tools, digital platforms and digital video content production. I must say I am quite pleased at how successfully I managed to drag myself across into the digital world.  Will this blog be successful? will I do it right? will anyone find it useful? will…. So many questions; but, the answers will have to catch up with me later; this time I am just doing it.

Welcome to The Creative Mind, I hope you will find something of use, of interest, a direct lesson or simply an inspirational idea… Let’s share