Falling Outside The Box

A designer out of his lane. .

What would make this designer stray so far out the box to write a book?

I am certain there are many things out there that I could be pushed into doing, but, I am pretty positive writing a book is not one of them. Over the years I have had a number of notebooks and in each of them, there have been more sketches and doodles than any amount of coherent text; so yes, no amount of pushing could have made me write 50 000 words in one document. So how did this happen?

After 3 decades of concentrated creative work, there’s one thing that has increasingly become clear to me and that is; things happen to creatives or through creatives that many of us are often too egotistical or arrogant to realise. Often we find ourselves creating fervently, taking no notice at all of the time passing by and a ‘day’ after, we look back and wonder how we did it, what lead to that idea? I didn’t start out to write a book, I just wanted to share a few thoughts and writing was the best way of recording them. If, at the time, you had asked me to write a book, there’s no way you would have got me to do it. I am great at finding excuses or reasons and reasons to find excuses, yet here we are, standing way outside the box, one great book in hand, and this graphic designer wrote it.