Creative Spirit Mediums: channelling the power

Mediums Of The Universal Creative Mind – and yes, it is mediums not media

Creativity is not something that anyone does; but, something that happens through a creator, sort of like a spirit channeled through a medium. The term Creative Media encompasses all platforms through or along which creative ideas are presented or shared. All creatives are mediums of this Universal Creative mind. Like the invisible life force that runs through all of us, the Universal Creative Mind manifests through all creatives.

Being #Creative is a state of nature; a state of mind; a way of being; a spiritual configuration. Mature #artists and #designers have this configuration set as the sustained, default setting.

Despite the sensitivity and flair shown by many people and despite bragging rights which are regularly conferred by numerous award systems and programs which include very rare, hefty salaries, celebrity status and trophies, no individual, whether male or female, has a monopoly or any real direct control over the distribution or flow of creativity which is a much sought-after quality of modern day effective graphic design. Creativity is not really something that you or I do, but rather, something that happens through us by the grace of God. All creative thought or concepts enter the conscious “mind” from the sub conscious mind or beyond, already fully formed; clearly with no direct constructive participation of the creative or designer at all; her only significant role being the ability to tune into their flow and channel them. We all know we have lightbulb moments; the “eureka!” moments in which ideas occur to us. We get ideas, they come to us, but, we don not create them. This we all know or should know because we have all experienced these lightbulb moments.  Once we have the ideas, after that “eureka!” moment, we develop them, but, we do not create ideas. Innovation takes place through iterative processes stringing along a series of successive “eureka!” moments…